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After over 40 years of admission to practice, Mr. Woodward limits his law practice to several related areas.

* Financial Distress/Bankruptcy

Businesses and persons find themselves in financial straits and need the assistance of a lawyer experienced in the various avenues of relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Mr. Woodward represents both corporate and human debtors in Chapter 7 liquidation cases and Chapter 11 reorganization cases.

* Litigation

Litigation is the art and science of trying law suits–the relief that is available when all else fails. Mr. Woodward tries civil and probate cases in all state and U. S. District Courts as may be appropriate for the case.

* Real Property/Real Estate

The acquisition of real property is one of the largest transactions into which the citizen usually gets involved. When persons are expending funds and obligating themselves in the six (or more) figures they need legal advice prior to and during the completion of the transaction. When the claim to title of property is uncertain only a trained lawyer can sort the matters out. When business involves itself in large transaction it requires counsel for assistance in due diligence and assurance of title.

* Creditor Representation

When there is no conflict of interest between a current or recent client and a prospective creditor client, Mr. Woodward can ably represent that creditor in seeking fair and just recovery.

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